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Market-leading and future-proof

Digital solutions for your quality and risk management

Designed to meet the requirements of the healthcare industry

Intrafox Ecclesia Edition combines the leading software for quality and risk management (QRM) in healthcare with the knowledge gained from more than 25 years of clinical risk consulting.

As the largest insurance broker in the healthcare sector, our commitment is to provide market-leading services to our clients in all sectors. Our focus on client benefits and competitiveness along with the continuous development of our services  including QRM software  forms the basis for our success.

We have therefore decided to cooperate with the company Inworks GmbH, the leading software specialist operating in this market in Germany.

This allows you to access the full version of the marketleading product Intrafox.

The Intrafox Ecclesia Edition has been designed to provide you with a comprehensive approach to your quality and risk management, combining both technical and conceptual aspects. The software also complements the market-leading risk consulting service offered by GRB Gesellschaft für Risiko-Beratung mbH, a member of the Ecclesia Group.

  • Web–based application, a workstation installation is not necessary
    Expandable in a modular approach up to an integrated management system
    Linkage of all relevant topics in quality and risk management
    Supports the compliance with important standards, e.g. ISO 9001:2015
    Licensable on a modular basis
    Constant further development of software
    This software allows easy deployment across different geographic locations
    Mapping of tiered organizational and team structures
    Customizable to suit the specific requirements of your company
    GDPR–compliant, as the server location is in Germany
  • Cost-efficient access to the entire range of Intrafox modules – expanded by the special content features provided by our Intrafox Ecclesia Edition

    GRB content for your audit management

    • Benefit from the expert knowledge of GRB Gesellschaft für Risiko-Beratung mbH gained from more than 25 years of safety and risk assessments for your audit management module
    • More than 3,000 prevention-related criteria for clinical risk management and patient safety are ready for import
    • Whether obstetric or perioperative procedures, or medical fields and departments such as endoscopy or stroke unit – we have preconfigured all relevant high-risk areas for you and provide them in a customized form.

    A perfect symbiosis of the market-leading QRM software with the risk-based consulting services of GRB and the claims expertise of the insurance brokers in the Ecclesia Group.

    • Apart from the technical components, GRB's experts provide you with specialist and content-related support in setting up and optimizing your comprehensive risk management system.
    • You have the option of choosing risk consulting "on demand", i.e. calling in the specialists as and when required, or of consulting as part of an ongoing service.
    • The expansion and continuous development of the software modules is based on the transfer of knowledge from our experienced risk consultants.

    As an option, you can link the claims information from your customer portal ecconnect with the exclusive claims module of the Intrafox Ecclesia Edition

    • The full sets of claims data are transferred from ecconnect to Intrafox Ecclesia Edition on a daily basis without any media disruption.
    • Entering data in duplicate into another system is no longer necessary.
    • In addition to the logging, processing and analysis of near misses and the corresponding audit findings, you can automatically integrate the claims development from your company into your daily work.
    • Along with an online evaluation, the module provides report downloads or data export to Excel.
  • The Intrafox Ecclesia Edition software is designed as a modular structure system. This allows you to select from a variety of different modules and to digitalize those processes and topics that you currently need for your healthcare organization. Alternatively, you start with just a single module and gradually upgrade Intrafox Ecclesia Edition to an integrated management system.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Software as a Service (SaaS) means that we run the software on our systems for you. You will automatically benefit from the latest version of Intrafox Ecclesia Edition for an annual fee – without needing your own IT infrastructure.

    We take care of the server hardware and its secure operation. This means that your healthcare organization does not incur any expenses or costs for your internal IT or hardware.

    Our servers are all located in Germany in an EN ISO 27000 certified data center. As we take care of security and, access is granted via an encrypted data connection, you are free to work with Intrafox Ecclesia Edition anywhere, for example in your home office.

    Intrafox Ecclesia Edition supports almost all major browsers including

    • Google Chrome,
    • Microsoft Edge,
    • Mozilla Firefox and
    • Apple Safari.

     As an alternative: on-premises

    With the on-premises option, the software is installed on your servers and is operated by your IT. You are entitled to the latest version. The installation is done by your IT or by us for a fee. You can choose between an annual license including software maintenance or a license unlimited in time involving a mandatory software maintenance contract.

    The system requirements for the server are as follows:

    Operating systems

    • Windows from Server 2012
    • Linux distributions on request

    Databases supported

    • MSSQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Other databases on request



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