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Digital solutions

We support you in digitalizing your processes with professional solutions customized to accommodate your requirements.

Digital solution for contract and claims management


ecconnect  is the Ecclesia Group's digital assistant for contract and claims management. ecconnect supports your management with, for example:

•    a clear and resource-saving document storage (digital files),
•    an automatic storage of your correspondence with the broker and
•    statistical evaluations of all claims.

Your contract and claims management is handled online, easily and user-friendly. You also benefit from a transparent process ecconnect

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We show you how to optimize processes step by step with ecconnect and how to save lots of time.

We support you in your quality and risk management - market leading and future-proof.

Digital solution for quality and risk management

Intrafox Ecclesia Edition

With our software Intrafox Ecclesia Edition, we provide you with an integral approach for your quality and risk management, in terms of both technology and conception.

Intrafox Ecclesia Edition is designed to meet the needs of healthcare organizations and it has been fortified with the knowledge gained from more than 25 years of clinical risk consulting.

The modular structure of the software allows you to digitalize those particular areas that you currently need for your healthcare organization. You can gradually expand the Intrafox Ecclesia Edition to become your integrated management system.

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