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In the client’s interest


The Ecclesia Group bases its activities exclusively on client benefit and competitiveness.

The Ecclesia Group is a medium-sized corporation based in Detmold. As insurance brokers, we consider ourselves as representatives of clients' interests under a long-term insurance broker assignment and provide a broad range of services that are individually tailored to the specific circumstances of each client.

These services encompass the provision of advice on how insurance cover can best be structured to suit the individual risk situation as well as the procurement of the necessary insurance services at best possible conditions and prices, along with professional contract management with which we ensure that the insurers always fulfill their obligations towards our clients in a contractually compliant, prompt and customer-focused manner.

This also applies in the event of a claim. Some 200 experts from various specialties are employed in our claims departments, providing their knowledge to put clients on an equal footing with the risk carriers.

With our broad positioning and international orientation, we have established a strong procurement position. This enables us to procure the best possible insurance coverage for our clients at the best possible conditions and prices.

All our activities are based on a set of values that reflects the culture of our corporate group.