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Promoting health. Protecting values.


We are your expert for the specific insurance needs of the healthcare sector – from university hospitals to doctors' offices.

In our capacity as insurance brokers, healthcare is one of our most important business areas. For example, the Group's market share in the provision of services to hospitals and rehabilitation clinics in Germany is more than 50 percent. The majority of university clinics also place their trust in us to find professional insurance solutions for the special risks of university medical centers.

In combination with our own claims analyses, which span several decades, in the medical malpractice liability area and the handling of large and major claims, we are in a position to design insurance products for the healthcare system that are tailored to suit the individual requirements of our customers. These products and services are the result of interdisciplinary collaboration between employees from our contract and claims management division and from our claims prevention unit.

Each client is assigned a personal contact person who is always available to assist. We thus ensure the optimum continuity in our cooperation.

We have been committed to patient safety by means of our innovative risk management since 1994, and have been setting standards in Germany and Austria ever since. GRB Gesellschaft für Risiko-Beratung mbH provides the respective expertise.

Every year, we receive more than 13,000 claims from patients. This information provides, for example, important insights for prevention and patient safety. In addition, they help to correctly assess the client's specific risks and create a data basis for the best possible risk transfer.

With our special service program for outpatient facilities, Ecclesia med GmbH, we are taking account of the increasing networking of all separate sectors of healthcare. We offer seamless insurance cover for any type of outpatient facilities, from a medical practice to medical service centers.