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With our ECCLESIA GLOBAL NETWORK, we serve and support our clients throughout the world.

Our Group comprises own companies in Austria, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Turkey. We also hold participations in companies of other European countries. 

And with the ECCLESIA GLOBAL NETWORK, we also support our customers on every continent. The ECCLESIA GLOBAL NETWORK provides international insurance solutions with country-specific know-how. The network of specialists operates independently, flexibly and wherever you need our support in more than 170 countries. 

As the local representatives of your interests, our network partners are always there for you locally. Together with them, we advise on the most suitable insurance cover  – both in terms of local specifics and international insurance programs  –, source the necessary insurance solutions, manage current contracts and ensure seamless handling in the event of a claim. 

  •   The Netherlands
    Ecclesia BV
    Marine, Advisory Professions, Logistis, IT, Public Sector, Employee Benefits

    Willeke van de Weerd, Managing Director
    Harry Kampschöer, Managing Director Holding Company

  •   The Netherlands
    Finance & Insurance Group
    Trade Credit Insurance, Political Risk Insurance, Working Capital Financing, Debt Collection, Credit Management Services

    Harry Kampschöer, Managing Director Holding Company
    Wouter de Jonge, Managing Director
    René van der Voort, Managing Director
    Adriaan Bos Eyssen, Managing Director
    Kees Grijzenhout, Managing Director
    Jochem Emmen, Managing Director

  •   The Netherlands
    Sibbing Adviesgroep
    Insurance Broking Services, Financial Advising, Auditing, Administrative Services in the Outpatient Healthcare Sector

    Harry Kampschöer, Managing Director Holding Company
    Theo Kruse, Managing Director Insurance
    Jan-Mark Huibers, Managing Director Advisory
    Gert-Jan van der Elst, Managing Director Accountancy

  •   The Netherlands
    Xolv BV
    Credit Insurance, Working Capital Financing, Credit Management

    Xolv BV
    +31 73 82 00 295

    Harry Kampschöer, Managing Director Holding Company
    Paul van Uden, Managing Director
    Fred Colin, Managing Director
    Erik Bolsius, Managing Director
    Jeroen Ottevanger, Managing Director