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In the client’s interest


As service provider, we are solely committed to the needs of our clients.

The Ecclesia Group is a medium-sized group of companies. We primarily pursue one goal in our daily business activities: providing our clients with exactly those individual insurance solutions they need.

As representatives of our clients' interests in the context of long-term broker's assignments, the Group's companies offer a wide range of services that are individually tailored to the specific circumstances of each client. These services encompass the provision of advice on how insurance cover can best be structured to suit the individual risk situation as well as the procurement of the necessary insurance services at best possible conditions and prices, along with professional contract management to ensure that the insurers always fulfill their obligations towards our clients in a contractually compliant, prompt and customer-focused manner.

We can only implement our service mandate by observing strict commercial principles. As insurance brokers we exclusively attend to the interests of our clients.

About 200 experts from various specialties work in our claims department. They ensure that the insurers always settle our clients' claims in a prompt, contractual compliant and customer-focused manner.   

With our broad positioning and international orientation we have created a strong procurement position. This enables us to purchase the best possible insurance cover for our clients at the best possible conditions and prices.