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Your risks are our competence


The suitable cover for each client's risk

The companies belonging to the Ecclesia Group each focus on specific target groups with the objective of always providing market-leading services based on their excellent knowledge of the individual clients' needs. 

The competence of the Ecclesia Group for industrial risks is consolidated in deas Deutsche Assekuranzmakler GmbH. The scope of its customer relationships ranges from listed major corporations to the depths of the German often owner-operated SME sector. Among them are more than 750 high-profile companies across all sectors from the chemical industry to the real estate sector and mechanical engineering.

Special teams attend to individual industries and insurance lines. This approach ensures that all clients receive a tailor-made service package, in the manner of an artisan workshop, consisting of custom-fit products and comprehensive services providing the quality and efficiency of industrial processes.

Through close networking with other group companies, our specialist advisors ensure in their work that clients benefit from the strength and diversity of the Group. 

When it comes to worldwide insurance coverage in particular, good access and comprehensive knowledge of global markets and their special features (also with respect to compliance issues) are essential. Our own ECCLESIA GLOBAL NETWORK ensures that the expertise of the Ecclesia Group's industrial brokers is available to clients worldwide in combination with local expertise independent, flexible and always available where our clients need support.