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The Ecclesia Group establishes its own reinsurance broker

Klaus Riechmann to build up the new unit

Cologne/Detmold. The Ecclesia Group has announced today that it is setting up its own reinsurance broker as part of its strategy to create access to further capacity providers in the primary insurance and reinsurance market, both in Germany and on an international level.

The largest German insurance broker for companies and institutions expects direct access to the reinsurance market to provide even more flexibility in procuring insurance solutions for its clients. The own reinsurance broker will be active for all customer groups and will complement the services of the other brokers and the underwriting agency of the Ecclesia Group. Jochen Koerner, the responsible Managing Director of Ecclesia Holding GmbH, explains: "With the range of services rendered by the reinsurance broker, customer benefit will be significantly increased". Cooperation with reinsurance companies is also intended to develop individual products, thus creating innovative solutions. Jochen Körner adds: "In an increasingly interlinked environment, it is essential to expand our own value chain in a useful way".

The Ecclesia Group has recruited Klaus Riechmann (64), a renowned expert, to build up the new company. He has been active in the insurance industry for 44 years, more than 30 of which in senior positions with reinsurance brokers. His last role was as Managing Director of the Cologne-based reinsurance broker König & Reeker for more than ten years. The team of the reinsurance broker of the Ecclesia Group is also based in Cologne.

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