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Ecclesia Group establishes Global Network

The cooperation of independent brokers flexibly aligns with customer requirements

Detmold. The Ecclesia Group, the largest German primary insurance broker for corporations and institutions, has set up its own global network in order to be able to optimally support its clients in their international activities. The ECCLESIA GLOBAL NETWORK (EGN) is designed to ensure that the best possible results are always achieved for clients in terms of risk and insurance advice, insurance procurement and contract support, both at home and abroad.

The network consists of several interwoven elements: the Ecclesia Group integrates its own companies in Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. For a long time now, the entire Eastern European region has been covered by a shareholding in the Austrian broker GrECo, and Western and Southern Europe by other partners. In addition, the Group is now working with numerous other brokers, so that together with its partners it can serve its customers on all continents in a total of around 170 countries. "In short, we are where our customers are," summarizes Jochen Körner, who as Managing Director of the holding company is responsible for the Group's entire industrial business.

The Ecclesia Group has consciously opted for a network of independent insurance brokers who serve companies of all sizes and from a wide range of industries in their home markets, he explains. This is the best way to combine precision and flexibility in service, so that the services provided by the network are permanently adapted to the respective customer needs. Jochen Körner: "We do not have to resort to only one broker in the particular target country, but can select the one who provides the best service for the risk profile of the respective customer". This involves, on the one hand, the implementation of international insurance programs and, on the other hand, the provision of local cover that is tailored to individual needs.

All partners have committed themselves to implementing uniform standards in consulting and support. The Ecclesia Group maintains an individual software solution for exchange and provides resources for a further expansion of the network.

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