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The Ecclesia Group acquires another insurance broker in the Netherlands

Concordia de Keizer and EBC Nederland bundle their activities

Rotterdam/Detmold (ecc). Ecclesia continues to expand its market position in the neighboring Netherlands. Since 1st October 2019 the company Employee Benefits Consultants Nederland B.V. (EBC Nederland) is part of the Detmold based insurance broker group. Together with Concordia de Keizer B.V., which belongs also to Ecclesia, EBC Nederland becomes the fifth largest player on the Dutch market for consulting, purchasing and assistance with regard to pension solutions for employees.

EBC Nederland offers advice to 450 companies with more than 50,000 employees on issues related to pension provision, health and income insurance for employees and investment. The Rotterdam based company employs 25 people.

"By acquiring EBC Nederland, we continue to pursue our strategy of offering market leading products in all our lines of business. We want our clients to have satisfied employees and to be able to maintain or increase their attractiveness as an employer," says Jochen Körner, Managing Director of Ecclesia Holding GmbH.

Etienne Willems, the manager who is responsible for the Employee Benefits line of business at Concordia de Keizer, explains that together the two companies can better achieve their goal of becoming the best financial service provider for customers in the Netherlands. The two companies have also very similar cultures. “The activities of EBC Nederland are a welcome addition to the services provided by Concordia de Keizer," says Willems. Concordia de Keizer, which is also based in Rotterdam, has traditionally been strong in purchasing non-life insurance for business customers. Income and health insurance solutions as well as pension fund products are also an important pillar.

"We are proud to contribute to the development of the Group’s activities in the Netherlands and to the achievement of its goals," says Paul Jansen, Managing Director of EBC Nederland. All managing partners have committed themselves to remain in the company during the coming years. Next year EBC Nederland will be integrated into the Employee Benefits department of Concordia de Keizer.

In addition to the above mentioned companies the Ecclesia Group includes also the brokers Gebr. Sluyter B.V. (Rotterdam) and the Finance & Insurance Group (Amsterdam) so that in total about 200 employees work for the group in the Netherlands.

About Ecclesia

The Ecclesia Group generates a turnover of EUR 217 million and has more than 1,750 employees. It is the largest German insurance broker for companies and institutions as far as primary insurance is concerned. In the region Ostwestfalen-Lippe the group ranks among the top 50 of the most successful companies. With its large range of services, the Ecclesia Group primarily serves customers from the church, church institutions, social and health care institutions as well as customers from industry. In Germany, the company owns among others offices and subsidiairies in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Nuremberg and Leipzig. Beside Germany, the Ecclesia Group is represented in seven other European countries.

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