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Industry / Trade

When protecting industrial risks, we are all-rounders and specialists at the same time. 

Our clients come from all industries and include international groups, large and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses. 

As a technical insurance broker, we offer high-quality protection concepts in all insurance lines. Our SME-teams provide flexible special policies with minimal administrative effort for medium-sized companies. 

Due to our company history, we have built up intensive business ties with the automotive supplier industry. We know the complex risk structure in this industry and develop tailored concepts for insurance protection and risk management.   

We have built up advanced expertise in the areas of logistics and transportation, heavy haulage, crane and hoist technology and in building material supplies. We attach great importance to sustainability for all our protection concepts. 

One of our special brokers has developed low-cost industry solutions for workshops and craft businesses that are not otherwise available on the market.