Ecclesia Group
  • Using confidence successfully


With a staff of about 1,750 employees, the largest German insurance broker for companies and institutions. We have a broad-based market presence, but are nevertheless specialists.

The group of companies includes several specialist brokers and consulting firms that provide special solutions for special risks. Our group is headquartered in Detmold (NRW) and has a nationwide presence of seven branch offices and additional six head offices of subsidiaries.

Since the early 90s, we have also been active abroad, at first in Austria, later in Belgium and Italy. We own companies in these countries as well as in Switzerland, The Netherlands and in Turkey. The Ecclesia Group has a global presence through its international network Ecclesia Global Network.

We do not believe that tradition and innovation are opposites. Our specialist brokers set new tones in the market. Our foresighted concepts and our comprehensive services convince our clients and the insurance industry.



Our long-standing clients appreciate our independent competent support in case of a claim. Insurers place much confidence in us by granting considerable authority to settle claims.

Data security is a very important issue to us. In this, we are supported by an external data protection specialist, and data administration and handling is exclusively carried out in the headquarters of our companies.