Ecclesia Group


As independent service provider, we are solely committed to the needs of our clients.

The institutional mission, given by our associates, is to always protect our clients' and their employees' assets. This is what our activities are all about.

Our service mission is to be implemented in absolute compliance with commercial principles. We reinvest profits in the future of the Group. 

As an insurance broker, we are independent of banks, insurers and other product providers. This benefits you as the customer, because we are acting exclusively in your interest. 

The insurance and provisioning solutions which we develop and procure are tailor-made. The best solution is the individualized one. And that applies to small enterprises, too. 

About 130 experts from various specialties work in our claims department. They speak for you, particularly, when insurers are of a different opinion.  

For us, however, growth is not an end in itself. Instead, with our broad-based footing and international orientation, we are a purchasing pool with which we are able to negotiate favorable prices and special conditions for you. 

We offer strongly mixed risks to the insurance industry. In consequence, we are an attractive business partner with whom insurers enjoy to cooperate on a sustained basis.