Ecclesia Group


Our corporate origin dates back to the year 1909, at that time as insurance company and broker of ecclesiastical property insurances. 

Ecclesia was established as a GmbH in 1952. Our head office has been located in Detmold (North Rhine-Westphalia) since 1962.

In the postwar years, Ecclesia mainly served churches, church facilities and church employees. This changed with the foundation of several subsidiaries.

Today, we are an internationally oriented, medium-sized group of companies which is also well-positioned in the industry and trade segment, and which has continuously expanded the business segment of employee benefits and pension management. 

Milestones in the development:

1909 Establishment of Ecclesia Pfarrversicherung and first activity as insurance consultant and insurance intermediary, Cöln
1911 Establishment of Ecclesia Baulast- und Feuerversicherungsverein auf Gegenseitigkeit zu Cöln am Rhein
1929 Liquidation of the insurer and foundation of the insurance broker Ecclesia e.V. as an adviser in civil law and economic matters and as insurance intermediary, Cologne
1949 Reactivation of Ecclesia e.V. after the Second World War, Detmold
1952 Establishment of Ecclesia Versicherungs-Vermittlungs G.m.b.H., Stuttgart, additional shareholders EKD, Diakonisches Werk der EKD
1959 Establishment of Deutsche Vorsorge GmbH ("Arminia")
1960 Establishment of UNION Versicherungsdienst GmbH together with the Deutscher Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband Gesamtverband e.V.
1962 Transfer of the company seat to Detmold
1963 Renaming into Ecclesia Versicherungsdienst GmbH
1976 Joining of the Deutscher Caritasverband e.V. as additional shareholder of Ecclesia Versicherungsdienst GmbH
1987 Expansion of services to include trade and industry
1990 Extension of business activity to the whole of Germany
1991 Ecclesia establishments in Austria and Hungary
1993 Acquisition of the Staun GmbH Versicherungsmakler, Munich
1994 Establishment of GRB Gesellschaft für Risiko-Beratung mbH
1999 Acquisition of the insurance broker City Broker, Berne
Foundation of PP Business Protection GmbH, Hamburg
2000 Establishment of Deutsche Vorsorge Pensionsmanagement GmbH, Detmold
2004 Joining of deas Deutsche Assekuranzmakler GmbH, Berlin (previously DaimlerChrysler Services Assekuranz-Makler GmbH) and its affiliates Lutz Assekuranz-Makler GmbH, Munich, and IHA Industrie- und Handels-Assekuranz Versicherunsmakler GmbH, Koblenz
Participation in GrECo, Vienna by merging industry business in Austria and in Hungary
2005 Establishment of Ecclesia GrECo Hospital Versicherungsmakler GmbH, Vienna (together with GrECo International AG)
Acquisition of Geerken + Partner GmbH, Hamburg)
Establishment of EOS RISQ Deutschland GmbH, Detmold
2006 Strategic development of the services for outpatient healthcare, now Ecclesia med GmbH, by joining of NAV-Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH, Cologne
Joining of the Interassekuranz Sitt & Overlack GmbH, Cologne
Acquisition of the J. L. Orth Group, Nuremberg
Acquisition of GEREON Versicherungs-Vermittlungs-GmbH, Cologne
Establishment of Deutsche Gesellschaft für ZeitWertKonten mbH, Detmold
2007 Establishment of ECCLESIA mildenberger HOSPITAL GmbH, Detmold
2011 Joining of the insurance broker IC Verzekeringen NV, Brussels
2012 The company, which was founded in 1952, is reorganized into a holding company and its operative activities as insurance broker are transferred to an affiliate
2013 Establishment of the GrECo Ecclesia Hospital Versicherungsmakler GmbH, Warsaw (together with GrECo International AG)
Participation in CONCORDIA NV, Gent
Participation in an Concordia De Keizer, Rotterdam
2014 Establishment of Ecclesia Broker Assicurativo S.r.l., Klausen
Joining of GEAS Sanità S.r.l., Rome
Establishment of Ecclesia Gruppe Assekuranz-Service GmbH, Detmold
2015 Establishment of IAK Inter-Assekuranz Versicherungs-Makler GmbH, Munich
Establishment of hevianna Versicherungsdienst GmbH, Munich
2016 Acquisition of the remaining shares in Concordia NV, Strombeek-Bever
2017 Acquisition of KS Assekuranz-Makler GmbH, Eschbach
2018 Acquisition of Medicuritas GmbH Assekuranzmakler, Hamburg
2018 Acquisition of Mehrheit an der Finance & Insurance Group, Amsterdam
2018 Acquisition of Gebr. Sluyter B.V., Rotterdam
2019 Acquisition of Employee Benefits Consultants Nederland B.V. (EBC Nederland)